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Our Boys - Stud Service

~ DUDE ~


Parents of Dude:
Sire: SLV. CH. CRO. CH. Fransimo Blue Dream (IMP CZE) (Blue, White)
Dam: Divineblue Simply Stunning (Blue)

Dude was born on the 23rd of September 2013. He is a solid blue, full pedigree Staffordshire Bull Terrier with imported and champion bloodlines in two European Countries. 

Dude is clear of PHPV and is DNA clear through parentage.

We knew Dude was special right from day one. Born from our beautiful girl Roxy and SLV. CH.CRO.Fransimo Blue Dream (IMP CZE), Dude was the perfect offspring in which resembling all of his mother and fathers finer and most stunning features. With his soild blue coat, dark nails, rose-prick ears, outstanding structure, confirmation and ever impressive loving, playful, gentle personality, he is a whole load of top quality stafford to say the least.
We are extremely proud of Roxy and Blue for producing such amazing progeny and giving us our handsome boy Dude!

Dude has added a wonderful dynamic to our kennel. He is a very relaxed soul, very kind and loving towards our puppy and dog family. Dude gets along superbly with both female and male dogs, never causing a fuss, he just fits in ever so effortlessly. 

Dude's favorite time of the day is spent with our children, he keeps up with them by bouncing around just as they do, the kids have a good laugh with Dude and we are so certain he has a chuckle back at the kids, his smile says it all!

Dude is an integral family member of the Douglas household and equally so an integral member of Sirexblue kennels. We are excited for all things to come, especially when having Dude's impressive Bloodlines shine bright through our kennel within our future breeding programs. Respectfully and rightly so, Dude will offer and pass on his absolute perfection, we are confident of that!




Parents of Vedder:
Sire: Moonglade Hugo Boss (Black)
Dam: Moonglade Hearts On Fire (Black)

Vedder was born on the 26th of May 2014. He is a black and white, full pedigree Staffordshire Bull Terrier with imported and world famous champion bloodlines.

Vedder has been DNA profiled and colour profiled and is a carrier of the blue gene.
Vedder is clear of PHPV and is DNA clear through parentage.

We fell in love with Vedder from the very first time we meet him at eight weeks of age. He was delivered safely by plane all the way from South Australia, form Whadaboutme Kennels. From the moment he arrived Vedder instantly became a part of the Sirexblue family.

Vedder has the kindest, softest, gentlest, and most sweetest heart, mind, body and soul. He is very playful with the other dogs and all the kids and loves a good cuddle for hours on end! 
Vedder is extremely smart and learns quickly, he responds amazingly to commands and impresses us every single day with his charm and smart wit. Some days you would swear he really is human!

 Vedder has exceptional confirmation of structure and is true to type. He is handsome and stands perfectly at 15.5 inches. Vedder offers many more fine qualities and with that combined with his beautiful, outstanding, lovable temperament has allowed us to follow our dreams of entering the dog showing world and contribute in showing top quality Stafforshire Bull Terriers. 
Being a part of the dog showing community has been something we have wanted to hobby in for quite some time now, however had just been waiting for that perfect time and that perfect specimen of Staffordshire Bull Terrier to hit ringside with - And so Vedder became the man for the job!

We could see the potential in Vedder from a small puppy, right back at the beginning and since then he has never disappointed. Vedder started his sowing carer in February 2015 at eight months of age. It has been a big learning experience for all of us, especially Vedder, but as usual he takes it in his stride and does the best he can to impress and always improve. We could not be any more proud of Vedder than we already are. Vedder is a very special boy to us and we feel very lucky to have had him entre our lives.
Keep it up buddy, you are our show dog rock star, always a winner to us with the best yet to come!


We have said it before and will say it a million times over, "We here at Sirexblue kennels are all about 'bettering the breed'. Making stock standard, true to type Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Eliminating faults and flaws within the breed to bring it back to its original and historical past by breeding the best of the best from only the best".

We do not take breeding lightly, nor do we breed for the sake of breeding. Becoming a Stafforshire Bull Terrier breeder is a very personal and life long dedication to the breed in which we feel is extremely important, humbling, and a very respectful journey to embark on.

In conjunction to the above statement we invite and welcome you to choose Sirexblue The Dude or Whadaboutme Flashjack O Hearts as stud to a bitch of your kennel. We believe both of our boys are of fine specimen in which to offer true to type offspring. Both Dude and Vedder are proven Studs.

We will only accept top quality mates by approval having checked over all potential bitches perdigree papers by carefully assessing that there is no conflict between bloodlines and line breeding. A copy of DNA papers, either from parentage or direct DNA clearance is required and a few photo's of your bitch, all of which needs to be sent through to our email along with your application request with your Pedigree Prefix and Membership number.

If your bitch has none of these to offer, please do not enquire and/or apply, we will in no way give special consideration under any circumstances. These checks are of high importance in order to go ahead with a potential mating.

Once we have looked over all required forms and have given the go-ahead, we will be more than happy and delighted to assist you in your breeding journey, offering a few different methods of mating depending on your needs and offer continuous support during this time. All of which can and will be discussed either in person or over the phone when the time presents itself.

We look forward to your interest and application. Please email us at

Contact us via email or inbox on Facebook.
Facebook: Adam Douglas (Sirexblue Kennels)

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